Wheel About Shah Precicast Pvt. Ltd.

SHAH PRECICAST (SP), a jobbing Stainless Steel & Steel sand casting foundry, established on a commitment to supply quality castings at competitive price with rigorous testing. Our business mainly revolves around OEM’s in Valve, Pump & General Engineering Industries & catering to

  • Off Shore Projects
  • Oil Explorations
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Highly Corrosive Liquids
  • Food Processing
  • Sugar & Fertilizers
  • Steam & Power etc

for supply of various types of Valve Castings like Gate/Globe/Check/Control/Ball/Top Entry Ball/Butterfly/Triple offset Butterfly/Plug/Choke/High Pressure etc Valve castings as well as Pump & General Engineering casting.

We have two foundry units manufacturing single piece castings from 15 KG to 3000 Kg & one machine shop for supply of fully machined components from 1" to 24". With an installed capacity of 7200 MT per annum we are able to cater any quantity of castings to any individual customer.

With a strong technical background & team, we are able to work with our customer closely for any special requirements/specifications for a particular need of a project.

We have a very good experience of producing High Nickel Alloys. Many of our Valued Customers treat us as their first source for these special metals.

Our expertise in Duplex/Super Duplex material assurers our customers of meeting their highest requirements without any hassles.

Our large number of Global & Domestic Customers shows the confidence of our customer on our technical capabilities & our commitment.